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Living in the Caribbean has a long list of benefits. Unfortunately, world-class medical facilities are not on that list. That can be a very real concern, especially when you or a loved one needs emergency care, fast! Accidents, heart attacks and many other common medical conditions can occur at any moment. The difference is, when they happen here, you might not get the medical care you need quick enough. In many situations, you’ll have to be flown to the United States, Puerto Rico or another island, leaving you with a giant bill.

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Air Ambulance

A medical air charter
can cost between

Many insurance plans
do not
fully cover medical air transport

Only a very small percentage of health insurance policies will pay 100% of an air ambulance. The other policies pay little to nothing at all. That’s why many who live in the Caribbean are completely devastated when they return home and see the astronomical amount of debt they’ve accumulated during an emergency.

In some situations, a local facility may help to get you stabilized. However, many will still require serious medical care and international transport to a facility that can provide it. In these instances, one of the most common ways to raise money for the transportation fees is to throw a community fundraiser, like GoFundMe. But, how long will it take to raise $20,000 to $202,000?

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MASA Assist has proudly served the Caribbean for over a quarter of a century. We were the first company to offer emergency air coverage in the area and are still the trusted provider for hard-working people everywhere. Our members come from many different age groups and walks of life… But they all say the same thing. “MASA was there when we needed them most.”

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