Medical Air Services Association—MASA—is an international organization dedicated to providing members with life-saving emergency transportation and assistance while at home, on the job, or traveling the world.

MASA Platinum Memberships include:

  • Emergency Air Transportation
  • Helicopter Transportation
  • Ground Ambulance Transportation
  • Organ Retrieval
  • Organ Recipient Transportation
  • Recuperation/Repatriation
  • Worldwide coverage available
  • Return Transportation
  • Escort Transportation
  • Non-injury Transportation
  • Minor Children/ Grandchildren Return
  • Vehicle Return
  • Mortal Remains Transport
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    Ph: 888-592-0311
    Ph: 407-592-0311
    Fax: 407-386-7053
    Information www.insurance-network.com/masa
    Email: john@insurance-network.com


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    $290.00 Annually
    $390.00 Annually

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    Dependents are eligible for coverage though the age of 18 or until the age of 23 if they are full time students.


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    NOTE: MASA Assist services are not available to residents of Alaska.

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