Travel Agent Opportunities:

Many travelers wouldn’t consider planning a trip without using the services of an experienced travel agent. Even savvy travelers know that a travel agent can ensure a more successful business trip, family vacation or weekend get-away. The only dilemma for the traveler is which agency to select.

One way to distinguish your agency from your competition is to offer added value to your packages. Why not include a MASA Assist TravelAid Membership? That distinction alone would ensure travelers choosing your agency.

And MASA Assist will do all the work. MASA Assist will provide all the information you’ll need to educate your agents and prospective clients; will provide Internet support for all on-line applications, and will do all the paper work and formal processing.

If that weren’t enough, MASA Assist will also pay commissions on each membership.

What is a MASA Assist TravelAid Membership?

Let’s begin with what it’s not.

A MASA Assist TravelAid membership is NOT insurance. Travel insurance policies require that:

A MASA Assist TravelAid membership is your best travel companion. When you make one toll free call to MASA Assist, from any location in the world, a trained and caring professional launches into action, makes all the arrangements necessary to resolve your emergency, provides rescue, and pays all the costs.

With a MASA TravelAid Membership, you can expect:

Please contact Mr. Reggie Anderson, MASA Assist TravelAid Representative, for more information about this extraordinary partnership and start earning commission!

Phone: 800-423-3226


Click here to download pdf of MASA Assist TravelAid brochure.


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