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MASA Assist (Medical Air Services Association) is the premier provider of ground or air ambulance services in the United States. Since 1974, MASA Assist has been providing life saving services to its hundreds of thousands of members. We believe that we offer a supior service, because all transport decisions are made by our members attendeing doctors.

Frank M. Halley

Founder and CEO

Mr. Halley's executive experience spans the medical, insurance, and aviation industries. As the owner of a fleet of jet aircraft used by the UCLA Medical Center he was aware of the cost of medical transportation and the barrier that creates to life saving procedures. "The finest hospital in the world is useless if you're unable to get to it." MASA Assist is Mr. Halley's solution to providing affordable access to exclusive, yet essential services.

Timothy W. Green


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Mr. Green held a private practice that specialized in working with insurance companies. Through service as corporate counsel since its early history, Mr. Green became MASA Assist's President in 1994. His experience and legal expertise have continued to be an asset and ensures that MASA Assist is a company that navigates the tumult of medical and international law with ease. He can assure our members that they receive benefits that others cannot provide in a cost effective manor.

Randall Halley


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As MASA's Vice President and Corporate Management Executive, he ensures that MASA's day to day operations run flawlessly. Supervising all air transports, he makes certain that case managers and crew members meet all the needs of an association member. He also manages all computer operations and systems. Well experienced in data control and processing, he has created a system that is accurate and protected, so that members are assured of their privacy.

Dusty Cook

Transportation Director

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Dusty Cook is the long time MASA Transport/Claims Director. He was raised in Colorado and graduated from Whiteman High School in Steamboat Springs. His under-graduate work was done at University of Wyoming, the University of Mexico in Cholula Mexico and then graduated from the University of Houston majoring in political science. He did his graduate work in political science at the University of Texas in Austin. His career with MASA began over eighteen years ago and he has been their Transport/Claims Director for fourteen years. His position includes the authorization of emergency medical flights worldwide and the supervision of MASA’s claims department. Dusty finds it extremely satisfying to really be able to provide the MASA member with a “peace of mind” that they deserve which he sees work on a daily basis. In addition to helping MASA’s large membership base, Dusty knows he is very fortunate to work with a talented team of people that are the best in their industry.

Reginald Anderson

International Marketing Director

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Reginald Anderson joined Medical Air Services in 2007 after an extensive history in various aspects and disciplines of the insurance industry alike. With an Associate's degree in Psychology & Sociology and a Bachelors degree in Science, Reggie's unique perspective and years of experience have given him an instant rapport with customers and potential business partners. After years of demonstrated professionalism & much success in Corporate sales with MASA, Reggie has recently been promoted to International Marketing Director specifically overseeing operations and sales in the Caribbean Islands. With his infectious enthusiam, leadership abilities and Will Do Spirit...the future for both MASA and Reggie looks brilliantly bright.